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What is Rebar Web?

Rebar Web is a bar scheduling service in the cloud, that offers the most graphic, flexible, powerful and easiest tool in the international market.

As a platform in the cloud, it permits total mobility when inserting the bar list, accessing to all the projects and schedules from everywhere, using just an internet connection.

It's a tool totally functional, because the service is designed to get a massive entry of data in a graphic way, so the speed is like working in a local system.

On the other side, the advantage of Rebar Web is his social network. The system give you the possibility of manage a contacts agenda to communicate through private messages; work in group and share projects and schedule; it makes easy the exchange of Bar bending Schedules for its manufacturing, thanks to the direct contact between users.

Of course, all the system is totally reliable, because the infrastructure hardware and the software used, guarantee the security of the platform; working in a centralized system and controlled by a professional team, that guarantee the confidentiality and protection of the data.